Download Free Super Bowl Squares Templates 2024 (Easy To Print)

Super Bowl Squares Templates 2024: Are you gearing up for the most exciting sporting event of the year? The Super Bowl fever is palpable, and what better way to amp up the game-day experience than by delving into the tradition of Super Bowl squares?

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a first-timer, we’ve got your back with a user-friendly Super Bowl Squares Template that’s bound to add an extra layer of fun to your Super Bowl party.

Ever wondered how Super Bowl squares work? It’s a piece of cake! Start by printing a 10×10 grid or set one up online for free.

Free printable Football squares PDF with numbers

Free Super Bowl Squares Templates 2024

Don’t forget to toss in an extra row and column for the numbers. Get everyone involved—party guests, co-workers, and friends—by having them pick squares and sign their initials within the grid.

Each square is a ticket to the game. The board is ready to roll once all 100 squares are claimed, so be sure to wrap that up before the numbers are drawn.

Now, let’s talk about the thrilling part—drawing the numbers. Randomly select numbers 0-9 for both teams. The winners are usually decided by the second digit of the score at the end of each quarter.

For instance, if the Chiefs are leading 17-10 at halftime, the player with initials in the square with a “7” for the Chiefs and a “0” for the opposing team takes the win. We suggest you to check the Printable Garden Planner Template 2024 collection for free.

2024 printable super bowl squares template
Super bowl squares fundraiser template 2024
Super Bowl squares fundraiser template 2024
super bowl squares fundraiser
super bowl squares template 4 quarters
Super Bowl squares template 4 quarters

Super Bowl Squares Printables Downloadable

Filling in the Super Bowl squares template is a breeze with our two options. If you go for a blank card, participants can toss their names into squares.

Once all squares are claimed, mix things up by randomly assigning numbers 0-9 for each side of the template, keeping an element of surprise for everyone.

Excited to get started? Download our 2024 Super Bowl Squares Template in PDF format for a hassle-free experience. After downloading, print the template on a standard 8.5×11-inch sheet for easy readability.

Now for the fun part—make it personal! Distribute the squares among your guests and have them scribble their initials in any square they fancy. If you are interested in coloring templates then check Free Printable Floral Wall Art Template 2024.

2024 super bowl squares template excel
super bowl squares template free

East To Print Super Bowl Squares Template

The goal? Fill up the entire grid for maximum excitement. Before kickoff, set the stakes. Decide on the prizes for each quarter or the grand finale.

Super Bowl squares often involve cash prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to every touchdown and field goal.

As the Super Bowl unfolds, keep a close eye on the scoreboard. The final digit of the score for each team corresponds to a unique row and column on the grid. Check the template to unveil the lucky winner of each quarter or the ultimate champion.

super bowl squares template with numbers
super bowl squares template


Super Bowl squares bring an extra dash of joy to the big game. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just there for the snacks, this tradition guarantees a good time for all. Download the template, personalize your squares, set the stakes, and brace yourself for a Super Bowl experience like no other!

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