Best Caribbean Packing List With Travel Checklist Template 2023

Planning your dream Caribbean vacation? Don’t fret about what to bring – we’ve got you covered with the best Caribbean packing list 2023. The Caribbean islands may have limited shopping opportunities and higher prices, but you don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe.

Caribbean life is simple, and with our packing tips, you can relax and unplug without overloading your luggage.

Packing Checklist

The Best Caribbean Packing List

The Travel Backpack is perfect for your Caribbean adventure, it’s the best companion you can have. It’s spacious yet fits in the overhead bin, making it perfect for island hopping with local airlines like Bahamasair, known for strict baggage size limits.

Use a strong, waterproof sailcloth bag to shield your belongings from the weather. The bag’s foam back panel is breathable and sweat-wicking, keeping you cool in the hot Caribbean climate. Here are some packing tips.

Packing Tips for the Caribbean

Get a waterproof phone case: Keep your phone safe from moisture, salt, and sand by using an affordable waterproof pouch. It allows you to capture photos underwater too.

Wear light and breathable clothes: The Caribbean’s hot and humid weather requires comfortable and lightweight clothing. Pack casual tops, shorts, skirts, and sundresses for a relaxed wardrobe.

Check resort dress codes: Although the Caribbean is generally laid-back, some resort restaurants have specific dress codes. Bring at least one fancy outfit and presentable shoes for special dinners or nights out.

Don’t forget after-sun gel or lotion: A small bottle of aloe vera will be essential if you get sunburned after spending a day at the beach.

Consider a Travel Towel: While hotels usually provide beach towels, a microfiber or Turkish travel towel is less bulky and handy for day trips.

Bring Sea-Sickness Medicine: If you plan to enjoy catamaran cruises and sunset sails but suffer from sea-sickness, pack Dramamine or consult a doctor for prescription options.

Don’t bring heavy makeup and hot hair tools: Most places have blow dryers, and the humidity and salt water in the Caribbean won’t work well with your makeup.

Caribbean Vacation Packing List With Travel Checklist Template


Travel Outfit1 outfit
Outerwear1 light jacket
Day Outfits5 outfits
Workout Outfit1 outfit
Night Outfits5 outfits
Swimwear2-3 bathing suits, cover up
Socks2 pairs
Underwear7 pairs
Bras1 regular bra, 1 sports bra
Pajamas1 set
Jewelry/AccessoriesAs needed
FootwearSandals, heels, running shoes
Hat1 hat
BagsBeach bag, backpack

This table provides a clear and organized overview of the items you need for your trip.

Bathroom items With Routine

Morning RoutineEvening Routine
Face Wash + MoisturizerLotion
Sunscreen + Aloe VeraToothbrush + Toothpaste
MakeupHair Brush + Hair Ties
Deodorant + PerfumeCurling Iron / Hair Straightener
Hand SanitizerShampoo + Conditioner
Hair SprayLeave-in Conditioner
Nail PolishTweezers + Razor

Various Items

PassportMedical Docs
PurseWallet, Money for Excursions
SunglassesBlack or Green
HeadphonesEarbuds, Airpods
BooksMagazines, Notepad


Packing for your Caribbean vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. Stay comfortable with lightweight gear and clothing to fully enjoy the sun, sea, and relaxation in the Caribbean. Start your vacation early and get ready to make unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise!

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